Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Nature of Zen: Tassajara Zen Mountain Center 2012

Nature of Zen at Tassajara

Many deep bows to all of you that showed up to walk the pathless path. This is my favorite time to be a Tassajara. We were blessed with so many gifts.

Here are a number of links that touch some part of our time together:
Mindful by Mary Oliver
iThou Meditation House: the on-line sitting group that I spoke of in one meeting

Many thanks to the students and staff at Tassajara, Tjarn, Myogen Steve St├╝cky, and the wilds of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

With a warm heart... two claps and one bow,

Steven (Mojo-san)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: April 2012

 Exploring the wilds of the Big Sur

What a grand way to begin my workshop season. I was so touched our first evening to see so many returning friends, and then to feel the fullness with which everyone "jumped" in. I continue to appreciate the power of how community forms and supports our experience of the wilderness.

Here are links:
BSWE Photo Set
BSWE Photos as Slideshow
Sometimes by David Whyte

The following links are from various conversations I had with individuals in our group:
Redwoods (scroll to bottom to see albino redwoods)
Stones (Paintings)
Oaks of California

With Gratitude!