Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fathers and Sons: Esalen June 2016

Fathers and Sons in the wilds of Big Sur

What a remarkable way to spend Fathers Day weekend together. I am touched by the depth of dialogue and intimacy shared between fathers and sons and within the context of the group itself. I am inspired to see so many men together with their father and son(s) in celebration and in willingness to cultivate and grow their relationships as we change and grow.

A special thanks to Ryan and Adam for coming along as brothers to assist Kai, Kes, myself and the rest of our group.

My wish is that each of us continue to cultivate and do the sometimes necessary clearing to keep our relationship responsive and alive. After all...
"It is a wise child that knows his own father." ~ Homer
"It is a wise father that knows his own child." ~ William Shakespeare

May we all be wise. Gratitude for each and everyone of you for choosing to show up.

Here are some links of a few photos: Fathers & Sons

Warmest of regards from the Sur,


Simply Wild at Esalen, June 12-17, 2016

Simply Wild: Experiencing Nature

We were blessed with near perfect hiking weather. The Big Sur weather was in full cooperation for a remarkable week of being outdoors.

Once again I am touched by how a wide range of age and backgrounds can come together and form a community on the wild path. From our youth, to our elders, and everyone in between we wove together a fabric of connection with wilderness and with each other.

Special mystical moments in the hidden warm springs, exhilaration of swimming in cold clean wild water, magical flying grass spiraling upwards, and the many unnameable moments that we experienced individually and collectively. And, yes, we were there for the historic opening of the new Esalen Lodge, Kitchen, Bookstore, Office, and Meeting Rooms!

Big thanks and a deep bow to Adam and Alana for their leadership and presence!

Here are some links (with more to come):
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From the Big Sur... Love to y'all,