Friday, June 28, 2019

Simply Wild: Esalen, June 2019

Simply Wild! On the Inner and Outer Wild Path

What a lovely constellation of people gathered together for our time together. I find myself filled with hope and a warm open heart when I witness the wonderful portals that you (this group) decided to step through to create our individual and collective communitarian experience — alone and together — in connection with self, other, and the ineffable.

I hope your agreements have supported you in integration into your "other" life.

Here are some links that were requested plus some bonus ones for those of you that have the time:
Tick Encounter: My favorite tick site
Tassajara Zen Center (April 30th 2020, I will lead the opening retreat of the season with Leslie James the head teacher at Tassajara)
Ecopsychology: The Way of Wilderness
Waters of the Sur: article for Esalen's website and catalog

Group member sites:
Marietta Bajer's Art
Steve's Wolf's site

Supernature: Esalen and the Human Potential: The first episode of a movie about Esalen. I think you might find it worth the watch.
Voices of Esalen Podcast: Interview with me... for those that haven't gotten tired of my storytelling

Special thanks to Gary and Heather for their incredible support and presence. And, thanks Maxie for starting a thread.

Deep Bow of Gratitude,