Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fathers & Sons: Esalen: June 2018

Father's & Sons: Celebrating Father's Day
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This workshop has become one in which I mark the passage of time, the growth of my sons, the passing of my father, the changes in my own life. Each Father's Day weekend we have offered this workshop, originally with 3 generations, my father, me, and my sons. As time progresses I find myself more humble and grateful for the long lineage that brings me here today.

This year was the smallest group we've probably ever had. This allowed for more time with each other, as a group, and perhaps for windows of more intimacy. I was touched to have so many returning fathers and sons, as well as welcome a new family into our group.

Poems to Live By
Meal Chant Stew (a story of gratitude and family)
Adam's Sites:
Open Circle
Kes's Site

Voices of Esalen Podcast: Lastly, host Sam Stern invited Kai in to our interview to assist in asking questions and feeding me lines. Many parts turn into telling not only Esalen stories, but family stories, even father and son stories. I hope you enjoy.

May we all be blessed with resilient, healthy, and evolving relationships with our fathers and sons!

Heartfelt Blessing from the Big Sur,


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Simply Wild: Esalen, June 2018

Simply Wild and on the Path

How sweetly we came together, appreciating our differences, recognizing our similarities, and choosing to be in connection. Most groups come together... when groups take a life of their own this gives me great hope for the human condition and the state of wild nature. Thank you all for your grace, courage, and intimacy.

Here are many links requested and from side conversations:
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Poems to Live By
Ticks (my favorite)
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Voices of Esalen Podcast: Sam interviews Steve

Our Group:
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Jet Pens: Larry's Site
Steve's Art Work (by request from a side conversation on the trail)
If I missed anyone, send your site along and I will add it

Deep gratitude from the wilds of the Big Sur,