Friday, July 13, 2007

New Drawings

Pico Blanco by Steven Harper (graphite on paper)

I have added a page to my art site, Bear Creek Studios, to include some of the many graphite on paper drawings I have in my sketch books. Both drawing and painting have been important ways for me to more deeply engage with the wild nature of Big Sur.
This view of Pico Blanco is looking north from the Golden Stairway (a ridge that runs up to Post Summit). Old-timers reportedly called it that, "because if you climb up there you'll find a bit of heaven." I tend to agree. Some accounts of the Esselen Indian's creation story has Pico Blanco as the center of creation... where everything came into being.
For more drawing and painting click here: Bear Creek Studios Big Sur

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Lee~William said...

Thank you for the poem 'sometimes'

reminds me of how revealing nature can be .. like a trail leading from one moment to the next ..