Friday, May 14, 2010

Wild Mind, Zen Mind: Tassajara, May 2010

Wild Mind, Zen Mind

Maybe we should have titled the retreat: Wild Flowers, Zen Mind... I am still struck by the abundance and diversity of wild flowers we pushed our way through on the trail.

Here is a link to a photo set of our group: Photos
Here is a link to view the photos as a slideshow: Photo Slideshow
Here are some of Henry's photos: Henry's Photos

Even though the fires of 2008 burned so much of what I knew of the wilds of Tassajara, I am once again amazed and inspired by the regenerative power of nature. Such a profusion of new life after so much fierce change caused by the fire.

We simply stepped into the finest of Tassajara—Buddhist practice, wilderness walks, wonderful meals, hot springs, and silence. Thank you all for sharing the experience with Leslie, Michael, and me.



Unknown said...

Thank you Steve, and Leslie for leading us that weekend. The sound of the creek in the morning zendo is still in my head, and now photos of the flowers and faces too.

I put up some of my own photos at

Steven Harper said...

Thanks Henry, I added a link to your photos in the post.