Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father & Sons: Esalen, June 2013

On the wild path... fathers and sons

Thanks to all of the fathers and sons that showed up at Esalen for this weekend. This was my first Father's Day without my own father in the world and I appreciated being surrounded by my own sons, returning participants, friends, relatives, and the field of fathers and sons that came together. I hope we each continue to deepen and build the relationships we each have, and perhaps the benefit will ripple out into other parts of our lives and the greater world. This type of investment has a life long pay back.

Take a moment... name 5 positive things you authentically appreciate about your son or father. Then, state one thing that you can bring and commit to grow and deepen in your relationship. Seeds are planted — may they grown to fruition.

Here are some links:
Group Photo Set
Summer Day by Mary Oliver
Leave of Absence Kes' first short film
Prayer for the Great Family by Gary Snyder (in celebration of the Summer Solstice

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