Sunday, April 20, 2014

Real Work

Middlebury College Fellows for Environment Writing

"The real work is becoming native in your heart, coming to understand we really live here, that this is really the continent we're on, and that our loyalties are here, to these mountains and rivers, to these plant zones, to these creatures. The real work involves a loyalty that goes back... billions of years. The real work is accepting citizenship in the earth itself."

~ Gary Snyder

Authors Bill McKibben and Chris Shaw bring a group of young up and coming writers to Esalen each year for the culmination of their year long fellowship in environmental writing. It is hopeful to see the enthusiastic passion for this earth and genuine concern I see in this dedicated group.

Here are some links to Bill's work:
Bill McKibben

May we all find our way with the "real work" of accepting citizenship in the earth.

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