Sunday, August 02, 2015

Nature of Movement: Esalen, July 2015

Moving in Nature

The wilderness of Big Sur allowed us to imprint the collective wisdom of this alive and wild coast in our bodies. The ancient redwood-forested canyons, dramatic meeting of earth and sea, and soft grassy hills reminded us of the presence, wisdom, and deep sense of belonging that live in each of us.

I feel deep gratitude for the leap of trust each of us made into the inner and outer wilds — with our personal and collective relationship with ourselves, community, and the terrain beyond words.

May the experiences of the wilds walk with us. May we weave threads from this wild world into the fabric of our 'other' world. May we plant seeds that grow to fruition. May we share all that we were touched by as ripples that grow out into the ocean of all our relations.

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Please send your photo sites and I will add links here.

Love from the Sur,


P.S. Once again, special thanks to Angela and Kai for holding space and ground for all of us!

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