Monday, September 19, 2016

Way of Nature: Esalen, September 2016

Way of Nature on the pathless path

What an amazing way to finish my 2016 wilderness programs at Esalen. We had 8000 acres and the third largest watershed that flow directly out of the Santa Lucia Mountain range into the Pacific to ourselves. The Soberanes Fire which threatened to cancel the workshop turned into a gift of less tourist, a smaller group, more wilds, and new adventures.

I appreciate everyone's willing to flow with all of the unknowns that each day brought and pay attention to what each of us most deeply needed from our experience. We got lucky with the wind and smoke, and individuals were able to take days off to be at Esalen when they felt called. We could have gone for another week just exploring Big Creek.

Here are some links:

Photos (will add some more when I can)
Poems to Live By: poems I read from for our time together

Big thanks to Gary and Alita for showing up on short notice. An deep gratitude for those of you that did not get scared away from the fire. We were blessed with a unique experience and a first time trail.

The Sobranes Fire continues to burn and I can hear the drone of helicopters as I write. I will post some photos of the fire and write a blog post about the fire sometime soon... I hope.

Grateful and Humble before the power of the wilds,


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