Friday, September 28, 2007

From the Good Earth: Reclaiming Our Relationship with the Land

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What an exceptional week walking in wilderness of Big Sur and working in the Esalen Garden and Hot Springs Farm. Personally, it was good to get my hands and feet back in the soil. The first workshop I offered at Esalen some 29 or 28 years ago was about gardening and took place primarily in the Esalen garden. In 1979, with Bruce Neeb, we started the Hot Springs Farm at the northern end of the Esalen grounds. It was both nostalgic and gratifying to be back working the land at Esalen. Michael Ableman's gift of knowledge, wisdom, and presence with gardening and farming is inspiring. I hope each of you cultivate the abundant seeds of the week and grow them to fruition.
Here is a link to see the workshop description: From the Good Earth
Here is a link to Michael Ableman's site: Fields of Plenty
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Anonymous said...

We had a great time getting wild and dirty (in the wilderness and soil) at this workshop. Esalen and Big Sur was the perfect place to learn about nature and gardening. Thank you