Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers & Sons at Esalen 2012

Celebrating Father's Day in the Tradition of the Old Ways

Over the ages, fathers and sons have journeyed together into the wilds of nature, traveling light, living simply, and stepping together on the path of what is known and what is unknown as students and teachers for one another. This is a time for fathers and sons to come together as individuals, family, and community to explore the natural wild areas of Big Sur and the relationship of father and son in a community of men... and so it shall be.

Here are links to:
What to Remember When Waking (for the path ahead)

I am so deeply touched by our individual and collective willingness to show up for the moment, ourselves, each other, and the larger community of beings. I come away from our weekend inspired by young men that are aware and finding their voice, fathers dedicated to a path of mindful parenting, and a collective of men of all ages that are curious about life.

With Deep Gratitude,

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