Saturday, June 30, 2012

Way of Nature at Esalen, June 2012

The Way of Nature: The Practice of the Wild

What a journey! I have a whole new meaning to the "practice of the wild." I so appreciate how we each so uniquely showed up this week for such a full range of experiences — both expected and unexpected. For some very clear moments I felt deeply supported while supporting... and for this I am grateful to you all.

I hope you all journey forth with gems from our week. As as David Whyte says, "...what urgency calls you to your one love? What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?" (See: What to Remember When Waking)

Here are links to:
Way of Nature Photo Set
Way of Nature Photos as Full-Screen Slideshow
Among the Wonderful by Stacy Carlson
Poems to Live By: Some poems we read during the week, plus some...

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Special thanks to Stacy, Isabel, and wilds of Big Sur.

Love to you all,


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