Thursday, July 02, 2015

Simply Wild: Esalen, June 2015

Simply Wild!

What a remarkable community we built during our time in the wilds. I continue to be impressed by how simply spending time, often in silence, attending to the unfolding moments builds not only connection to place, but connection to others. I can thank us all for our courage to be open, intimate, and show up for ourselves, each other, and "this one wild and precious" place we call Big Sur. We co-created this together. May the simple and wild threads of our deepest moments weave seamlessly into the fabric of our lives.

Some requested links:
Poems to Live By many poems I read, plus much more...
Trees of Big Sur and the Central Coast of California
Tribal Ground Circle: workshops & training with Christine Price
NOLS: the school that both Angela and I taught for and still have deep roots
Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku (森林浴)
The Way of Wilderness: an article that is published in "Ecopsychology"
Angela's website
Jonathan's website 

As you read this now, I invite you to pause for a moment as though you have just heard the ringing of the bell on the trail... and for the next three breaths... I invite you to open your awareness and attend to whatever arises. May we all be "idle and blessed."

With a warm heart, two claps, deep bow,


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