Monday, May 31, 2010

Simply Wild: Esalen May 2010

What a great weekend with you all.

Here is a link to: Workshop Photo Set
Here is a link to see the photos as a: Slideshow
Here is a link to: Trees of Big Sur

We pour over words, and point out this and that,
but if our chest is not soaked dark
with love, then what?
- Kabir The Book of Kabir


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walk on the Wild Side: Esalen, May 2010

On the beach in Andrew Molera

Closing my eyes I still can hear the sounds and smells of Conoga Falls. In such wildness I feel so alive. It was a great adventure for Michael and I to be able to share with you all the spots we don't get to take groups very often. You now know the wild side of Big Sur better than many folks that live here.

Here are links:
View: Photo Set
View as: Slideshow 
Carol's photos: Carol's Photo Set

Just for fun:
The bonsai redwood forest youtube video: Journey Into the Wilds
The golden staircase and Pico Blanco: Search for the Center
Here is a link to Ann's site: Ann Randolph
Here is a link to Doug's music site: Doug Goodman

And on Ann's suggestion I will be introducing a complete line of collector spoon's featuring the Bonsai Redwood Forest, Pico Blanco, Esalen Hot Springs, and more!

Like Johh Muir, may each one of us be a highly contagious "wild" virus that brings happiness, aliveness, and a call to the wild to all that we come in contact with...

Love to you all,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wild Mind, Zen Mind: Tassajara, May 2010

Wild Mind, Zen Mind

Maybe we should have titled the retreat: Wild Flowers, Zen Mind... I am still struck by the abundance and diversity of wild flowers we pushed our way through on the trail.

Here is a link to a photo set of our group: Photos
Here is a link to view the photos as a slideshow: Photo Slideshow
Here are some of Henry's photos: Henry's Photos

Even though the fires of 2008 burned so much of what I knew of the wilds of Tassajara, I am once again amazed and inspired by the regenerative power of nature. Such a profusion of new life after so much fierce change caused by the fire.

We simply stepped into the finest of Tassajara—Buddhist practice, wilderness walks, wonderful meals, hot springs, and silence. Thank you all for sharing the experience with Leslie, Michael, and me.