Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Everthing!

Big Sur in Ultramarine Blue

On this Solstice Day...

Wishing each and everyone of us happiness and moments of raw wild beauty in the coming year... In the midst of the fullness of our busy lives — space; in the midst of the constant chatter of daily life — silence; may we all recognize the moments when less is more — and know simplicity as blessing; may we let ourselves be touched by our heart's capacity to open — giving and receiving; may we be blessed with freedom from suffering — and know kindness in all of it's expressions; may we tune in — listen deeply to the pulsing beat — and live the life that no one else can live.

From the Wilds of the Big Sur...


An invitation to celebrate the Solstice. I made this years ago when I was learning iMovie: The Solstice