Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Voices of Esalen: Steven Harper - Stories of Esalen, Wilderness, and Life in Big Sur

Dick Price: Co-founder of Esalen Institute (photo by Joyce Lyke)

2018 will mark my 40th year of offering workshops at Esalen. I have been blessed to be able to offer well over 300 workshops during this time at Esalen on a range of subjects, with outstanding co-leaders, and awesome (yes, awesome) participants.

As part of this milestone Esalen recently recorded an interview for their podcast series "Voices of Esalen." Sam Stern, the podcast host, invited my oldest son Kai in to participate in the interviewing. If you have some time to listen here are some links to the podcast depending on how you prefer to listen:

iTunes: Steven Harper: Voices of Esalen
SoundCloud: Steven Harper: Voices of Esalen

It was a bit strange to hear my own voice and a surprise to hear what stories emerged from the questions that were asked. I expect at least half of the stories I told resembled consensual reality.

If you are interested in what I am offering this year: 2018 Workshops and Retreats