Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reflections: 2017

Ancient Portals

The oldest human remains were discovered this year in Morocco surprising anthropologist. The find pushes back Homo sapiens from 200,000 years ago to 300,000. The 100,000 years difference is challenging previous understanding of both the time and place of human evolution. Like many inquiries each new find or answer only posses more questions and more mysteries to be pondered, or simply lived with.

In reflecting on 2017 Morocco comes to foreground. Not only did I lead a retreat there with close friends, but I had time and space to travel and be. There is a long history of mixing cultures in places like Marrakech where you can find yourself in a narrow passageway in the old medina and feel transported back 1000 years ago. My time in the western Sahara dessert with the Berber people goes even further back. Morocco gave me time and a place to reflect on what makes a life of wellbeing and welldoing — one of aliveness. I don't have clear answers, but I think I may have better quest-tions stirring my curiosity and creativity.

The following are links to photo sets of my time there along with a Jackson Browne song about something fine he found in Morocco.

You can browse the photos or play them as a slide show:
Morocco Travel
Morocco: Textures, Passages, Colors
TWP Morocco

Something Fine: Jackson Browne

May the year 2017 come to a peaceful close and I look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Big Wild Love,