Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Esalen, April 2013

BSWE in the Wilds

What a great way to start the "season" and to celebrate my 35th anniversary of first coming to Esalen as a workscholar. I am feeling so blessed to be out and about with you all in the wilds of Big Sur... especially in the tender times of recently "losing" my father. My gratitude runs deep for the how you/we chose to show up for "this one wild and precious life."

Here are some links to water the seeds and assist in weaving the threads from this world to our "other" worlds:
BSWE Photo Set
BSWE Photos as Slideshow
Poems to Live By (some of the poems I use in my life and in workshops)
Volunteer in Big Creek 

Some of the amazing talent and gifts of our group:
Tyra's Qigong Site
Cara's Multi-media Fine Art Site
Julie's Fine Art Photography
Chloe's Carmel Belle 
Any Others?

Here is what the rest of my workshop year looks like: Steven Harper Workshops & Retreats

With love,