Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nature of Movement: Esalen, October 2012

Nature of Movement: Rockin' the Wilds of Big Sur

What a great range of weather we received for the last wilderness program of the season. Certainly a remarkable day by the ocean at Andrew Molera... even for an "local."

Deep gratitude to you all for choosing to play, inquire, and be curious together about our capacities for centering, grounding, belonging, and embodiment.

Here are links:
Nature of Movement Photo Set
Nature of Movement photos as Slideshow
John's Nature of Movement Photo Set: Many great photos!
Iron Star Inc: Penny's incredible restoration work.

And as homework:
Another poem to inspire your journey into your "other" world(s).

Lastly... Breath, Gravity, Balance of Field...  aligning Hara, Heart, Head. Two claps, one bow.

Wild heartfelt regards from the Sur,