Monday, December 30, 2019

New Year Blessing

In the Spirit of the Season
May we all know our heart’s capacity for love and follow our authentic calling for life.
May the fluidity of water run through you taking you on a buoyant ride to the ocean home.
May fire burn bright and inviting, warming you and your loved ones.
May air breathe you bringing brilliant vigor to your luminous spirit.
May the earth let you know your full belonging to the world and in the whole of your being.
May space allow for the grace of silence and gratitude for all you are gifted.
May we all swim in the elemental nature of wondrous aliveness in the years to come—full of presence.
May the mystery of that which cannot be spoken touch our every thought and action—letting life live through us.

Big Love from the Big Sur,
Kes, Kai, Janna, & Steven