Friday, November 30, 2012

Emerging Earth: In the path of a molten lava flow

Across cultures and wisdom traditions there is the practice of giving gratitude. As my workshop season of 2012 winds down I find myself grateful for the many people who show up for the adventures of this life. To those that have supported in some way (both seen and unseen) the work and workshops I offer — thank you. To those that have participated in the many workshops, retreats, and other adventures we co-create — thank you.

This fall I had the good fortune to make my way out to the lava flows on the big island of Hawaii with my son Kes. It was a gift and blessing to witness the incredible "birthing" of new rock, the molten fluid dynamics of that which I normally see as solid. I came away from the experience with a feeling of hope, aliveness, and sense of trust in the constant change and movement of this very animate world. For this and many other blessings — I am grateful.

In Thanks-Giving,