Monday, June 26, 2006


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Here we are all wild and fresh and feeling our feet on the ground in Big Creek. I will post more group/workshop photos when I return home. In the meantime I hope your transition into the "Big Workshop" is going gracefully. A reminder to evoke and invite your qualities...
with deep gratitude to everyone,
Here is the quote that many of you asked for:
Bro. David's response in conversation with Steve Harper about the word “spirituality”...
“the word "spiritual comes from the Latin word "spiritus" which means "life breath" (living things are alive as long as they breathe). So I take "spirituality" as referring not to a particular department of life, but to a quality of every department, a heightened aliveness. Spirituality is "super-aliveness." This implies that we are "spiritual" to the extent to which we are truly alive. To be truly spiritual means to be alive in every aspect. It's a matter of degree, and there's no upper limit to its intensity.”

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