Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Esalen Hot Springs

Esalen Hot Springs
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I thought I would post a reminder of the "Baths" at Esalen for all those that have enjoyed the healing warmth of the natrural hot springs that bubble up from deep in the earth. Historically known as "Slates Hot Springs" after Thomas Benton Slate, they have been and are a blessing to all the hikers that have returned from a day out in the wilds to being greeted and held by these waters. Gratitude to the gift of the earth...
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Lee~William said...

Thank you ..i enjoy the memories this invokes ..

Unknown said...

Hi Steven. I spoke with you briefly last year about this time regarding places to launch a kayak in the Big Sur. My wife, Margina, now departed and remembered signed us for massage and a George Leonard workshop. The best memory I have is of being influenced by the waves as I gave her a massage above the ocean.
Allan Weidner