Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There is an internet community called iThou that I have been participating in that you might find interesting. Those of you that have taken workshops at Esalen will find aspects of the site familiar. The site was started by a man that worked for 5 years at Esalen and bases his creation of the site in part on replicating parts of the Esalen experience in this internet community. Here is a quote from the Esalen group on the site:

“Greetings. Welcome to the group, "Esalen" -- for people who have lived, worked, and/or studied at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

For many of us who lived there, the time was rich, full, and extraordinary. For all people who have been touched by the spirit of the place, it is sometimes challenging to keep that spirit alive in the world outside the support of the container of Big Sur and Esalen.

This place is intended to become that supportive ground for people who have been moved by the spirit of the place, but who no longer, possibly, have immediate access to the special and sacred space of Esalen.

Everyone who has been moved by the spirit of Esalen, I believe, becomes, in their own way, an ambassador for a new way of thinking, feeling, and being in the world. May we carry on the torch and help bring truth, authenticity, love, and light for now and future generations.”

At the end of a workshop a common desire for many participants is having a way to stay connected both to the people in the group and the experience. While it is clearly not the same as a workshop experience there is a genuine attempt at creating aspects of the “Esalen experience” in a web community. The site could be good for supporting integration of what you learned in a retreat setting like Esalen into your daily life at home. Check it out, it’s free, and unlike Esalen it is not by reservation only. Click here to visit: iThou

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