Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nature and Contemplation: August 2007

photo by Flowers
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Sacred Bird Bath
by Molly Rockey

Under the sun of a hot day,
We take the long flight down the mountain
Soaring back and forth
Circling down
We fly into the trees, down
Through the branches
Owl, hawk, hummer, quail, eagle, together
We descend
Until we reach the sacred waters.
Some of our flock stay up in the branches
Observing, singing, watching out for the others.
Some birds, stripped of their hot outer feathers
Dip into the sacred bird bath
Slowly, then fully
Playfully, joyfully
Splashing, floating, being.
All of us together, above and below
Entering this healing, sacred place
Each in our own special way.
Thank you for the poem Molly! Grateful to to you all for your willingness to step on the path of doing and being.

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