Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Esalen, April 2010

On the Golden Stairway... looking for a bit of heaven and the center of creation

For more photos: Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Springtime, April 2010
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Back home after our workshop I am touched by the beauty of the wilds and the beauty of the group that came together. We come together, share simple things (walking, food, breath, a dip in the hot springs, stories, kindness, and more). We weave together a community of strangers sharing intimate moments, beauty, tears, wisdom, laughter, wonder, and our individual uniqueness.

I sit here a bit struck by the unusual "job" I have. Somehow I play my part in co-creating with the group, wild nature, and the "powers that be" an experience in which I and others are touched deeply by courage, more beauty, and the collective wisdom of all the animate beings that decided to show up for the unfolding moment of our week together.

What more can I say... I feel blessed, in awe, and hopeful when I feel how we can choose to show up in life—individually and collectively—with a little bit of grace.

Putting my whole self in,


MsBroeker said...

Thank you, Steve, for a wonderful, sensory-chocked week in the wilds of Big Sur! We all need to be reminded from time to time, whether we live in the city or the country, that it is essential to stay connected to Mother Earth.

"Namaste" for leading us on that experience.

Debbie B.

Steven Harper said...

Thanks Debbie!