Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Esalen, April 2015

Crossing Bridges Into the Wilds

What a way to begin my 2015 wilderness workshop season! I am so deeply grateful for how everyone showed up in such a sweet way with themselves, each other, and the wilds. Special thanks go to Stacy and Tjarn — I believe we were all blessed to have their gentle leadership, support, and attention on the path. And, of course, the wilds of Big Sur was a great teacher, offering up good medicine for diving deeper, nourishing soul food, and inspirational seeds to plant and grow in our other worlds.

Here are some links I hope will serve:
Doug Overman's Photos 
Poems to Live By
Among the Wonderful by Stacy Carlson (or better yet, ask your local bookseller to order it)
Stacy Carlson
Redwoods yet more about these amazing trees
Meal Chant Stew A short piece on gratefulness

And, I am sure you have all hand written your seed quality(s), and are finding ways to plant what was given as gift in this wild world and grow it in your other world—whatever, wherever that may be. May it be so...

Two claps, deep bow to each of you,


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