Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BSWE at Esalen, April 2016

Confluence Falls BCR

What a great way to start my 2016 workshop and retreat season. This spring workshop is one of the ways I mark time. This program may be the longest running workshop offered at Esalen.

Mostly I want to express my gratitude to the group that came together for this milestone workshop. Special appreciations go out to Stacy, Tjarn, and Noël for their remarkable attention and generous support given in all directions.

Here are some links:
Poem to Live By
Photos  (I never got a whole group photo, so if anyone has one please send me one)
Stacy Carlson and her book Among the Wonderful (another book on the way!)
Glenn's Site
Katheryn's Site

I hope you are able weave threads of our experience together into the fabric of you other life — wherever and whatever that may be.

Two Claps, One Bow,


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