Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cone Peak, Santa Lucia Firs, and Family

Cone Peak

Cone Peak stands out along the Big Sur coast, and for that matter the coast of the continuous states of the US as the fastest gradient rises from ocean to peak. This means an incredible amount of plant and animal diversity in a small area.

In addition it stands out as one of the locations in these mountains that lives the Santa Lucia Fir. Considered by many as the rarest fir in the world and only occurs naturally in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur. Here is a link to more about this unique species: Santa Lucia Fir

My son and I climbed Cone Peak last week. This spot has probably the best views of the range. More important than the hike, the rare fir (and other plants), the incredible veiws, the clean air, was the time with my son. Worth every step and every moment.

Here is to encouraging us all to getting out into the wilds with our loved ones.



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