Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Esalen, July 2018

Big Sur Wild Ones
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Once again I continue to be in awe of how wild nature so wonderfully invites us into ourselves, into connection with others, and in interconnectedness with the — other than —  perhaps greater than, human world.

And, once again, I am touched by the courage to choose vulnerability, authenticity, and risk heart-felt connection with self, others, and place — Big Sur.

Here are some requested links to help weave the threads of the wilds into you daily life:
Photos (I took very few, but got a few good group photos)
Carla's Stunning Photos
Poems to Live By
Voices of Esalen: Podcast Interview of Steve (if you want more stories about Esalen)
Tick Encounter (my favorite tick site from the University of Rhode Island)
Tribal Ground (Chris Price's Gestalt Awareness Practice)
Dick Price Celebration: This is a video I put together around 8 years ago for what would have been Dick's 80th birthday. Even though it is on Facebook, and they try to get you to sign-in or join, you can get around this by clicking, "Not Now" hidden at the bottom of options. I have added this here because of the number of people expressed curiosity about Dick... perhaps because of my story at the warm springs.
Joy's Site

If I missed anyone's site let me know and I will add it...

May you live the life that no one else can live.

Heartfelt Gratitude from the Sur,


P.S. Meal Chant Stew (a story of gratitude)

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