Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nature & Contemplation: Esalen, May 2019

 Nature & Contemplation gets wild
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Well, well, well, we had a week of anomalies! From the May weather anomaly, to me being under-the-weather anomaly, to a changing adaptive group & schedule anomaly.

It seems everything conspired (breathed together) to create all of the conditions for a true week of contemplation with wild nature as our primary teacher. Our capacity to be adaptive to the unfolding present moment led to surprises and many fresh moments — where everything can be.

Here are some requested links:
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Meal Chant Stew: on Bro. David's site
Contemplation of a Monk (poem for Bro. David)

I hope you are all weaving your essential qualities in the the fabric of you "other" lives and asking the open question, "What calls to you your one love?"

Love and gratitude (both/and),


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