Friday, August 30, 2019

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Esalen, August 2019

Big Sur State of Mind

Deep gratitude to a each and everyone and the collective community we co-created during our 5 days together. A constellation of things came together: weather, trails, tides, generosity of spirit, courage, choosing to show up, and 10,000 other seen and unseen things to bring us all that we experienced.

“Nature also means the physical universe, including the urban, industrial, and toxic. But we do not easily know nature, or even know ourselves. Whatever it actually is, in will not fulfill our conception or assumptions. It will dodge our expectations and theoretical models. There is no single or set “nature” either as “the natural world” or “the nature of things.” The greatest respect we can pay to nature is not to trap it, but to acknowledge that our own nature is also fluid, open, and conditional.” ~ Gary Snyder, from No Nature

Poems to Live By
Redwood article
Caitlin's Mountain Sea Adventures
Ticks! All you need to know
Workshop & Retreats for early 2020 (Esalen just went live with registration)
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

Bonus Link:
The Water Song (Caitlin taught part of it to us): The River 

Two Claps and One Deep Heartfelt Bow,


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