Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Sur Wilderness Experience

Timber Top high above the fog...

"Stand still... The forest breathes... Listen."

As I sit in my office here in Big Sur breathing and reflect on this last week an easy smile comes to my face. I feel blessed, tired, satisfied, and full of rich experiences (just to name a few things). I am appreciating our collective willingness to soak up and take in so many of the places we journeyed to in such a time-less manner. I am also impressed by how we stopped time in the Little House... the present moment is timeless.

Here are some links:
Photo set of our group
Photo slide show
Warm Springs video

I wish every one an easy transition into the big workshop... may you touch others with a bit of the fresh wildness of the lovely Sur mountains...


P.S. Special thanks to Anna and Michael.

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