Friday, July 09, 2010

The Nature of Zen: Tassajara, July 2010

On the Horse Pasture Trail

What an honor be with you all... walking the mountains around Tassajara, sitting in the Kaisando, hot springs, cold streams, good food, heartfelt conversation, authentic curiosity, and the intimacy of not knowing.

For photos of our group: The Nature of Zen Photos
For the same photos as a slideshow: The Nature of Zen Slideshow
Ron has some photos he took up on Flikr also: Ron's Nature of Zen 
Matt took some short videos also on Flikr: Matt's Nature of Zen Videos 
Julie sent a link to her photos on Picasa: Julie's Nature of Zen 

Special thanks to Abbot Steve St├╝cky, Michael, Tassajara staff, and everyone else that showed up so wonderfully.

Some of you asked about the online meditation site we have been experimenting with... Click on the link and take a look around. There is a meditation timer, virtual candle site, lectures, instructions, a group that sits daily together at 7:00am, and more: iThou Meditation House

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